Intent 2 Improve - Personal Training in Buckingham

I'll save you the cringe-worthy bio of most personal trainers. You know... "I just love waking up at 4:30AM to steam asparagus and it's my mission to help others feel the same". Just know this... I founded I2I fuelled by general dissatisfaction with what I'm surrounded by in the fitness industry. For too long, people have been short-changed by their gym memberships. In the last 6 years I've trained over 1,000 clients (ranging from immobile pensioners, to athletes now playing Championship level professional football), I've worked for others and successfully run my own businesses, worked in the supplement industry and in education. After taking 7 months out in 2016 to travel, I decided to settle back into my hometown of Buckingham and build nothing less than the absolute best personal training service and fitness community in the local area, founded on our three core pillars: results, integrity and community. Why not try our 14-day trial to see what we're all about? - Rich Roach, I2I Founder & Head Coach.