Integrated Wellbeing

Rob and Kirsten Greenwood are dedicated to the education and empowerment of the individual and families in the areas of physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. They are qualified, registered Counselling Therapists, in private practice. They have raised two children of their own; a 21 yr old daughter and an 18 year old son, who they home-educated. Both young people have gone on to tertiary education. 30 Years ago they took on the full-time, permanent care of Tim, Jason and Matthew (now deceased), who were institutionalised state-wards. The lads have Down’s syndrome with severe intellectual disability and many varied health concerns. Until recently, Rob--also a trained Youth Worker--was employed as a school chaplain, providing social, emotional, and spiritual support to primary-aged students and their families. He is an accredited facilitator of the social programs 'Rock and Water', and 'Drumbeat'. Kirsten, prior to the life-changing event of 3 children with special needs coming into her care, worked as a trained nurse in the Blue Mountains, NSW. She later qualified as a Family Therapist, and Professional Supervisor (for counsellors, chaplains, teachers etc). All these life choices and experiences led them to seeking out and educating themselves on a more natural approach to physical and emotional health. As a result they have discovered secrets for living more effectively, more purposefully and having greater meaning and impact. One such discovery was the potency and overall benefits of DōTERRA essential oils. The use of essential oils is now being fully integrated into all areas of personal and professional life. Services they provide include: • professional counselling – individual and group (all ages) • leading workshops on a variety of topics, e.g ‘Using essential oils in your first aid kit’, ‘Essential oils for children with special needs’, ‘Balancing emotions with essential oils’. • personal strategy appointments, looking at – 1. Physical and emotional health goals 2. The DōTERRA business opportunity