Indira Active

Indira Active was created to REVOLUTIONIZE online shopping. To create an out-of-this-world, social and memorable shopping experience. What are the needs of our consumers? How do they (YOU) perceive the collection? Every bit of feedback received challenges us to explore solutions to issues encountered during the entire shopping experience (pre-during-post) and to delight them by truly understanding their motivations for purchasing. In keeping the balance between triggering the senses of the individual and encouraging social interaction, Indira Active works with its consumers to co-create a shopping experience to remember. Indira Active is not about TIMELESSNESS; IT’S ABOUT TIMELINESS. The latest and the greatest. Better yet, it carries the pieces you want to wear right now. Not what you want to wear a week from now. Possessing a vibrant kinetic energy while maintaining a well-appointed aesthetic, we source our pieces from designers across the globe to curate the must-have Lux-Leisure collection where lines, colors, textures, shapes and motion interact. A collection that revolves around the themes of beauty, femininity, and strength We believe in sharing your story through your style. Every day is the beginning of a new chapter. Indira active keeps your style narrative fresh. From the cityscape to the landscape, to the snowscape and beachscape, the Indira Active collection is as versatile as the women who wear it. ALWAYS BE IN INDIRA ACTIVE