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Take your Personal Finance Strategy Survey: Personal Challenges: Are you suffering from financial losses as a result of the recent economic downturn? Answer: Are you concerned about any of the following: Too many bills or debts? Answer: Lack of savings or investments for retirement or kids' college education? Answer: Not having enough protection in the case of disability, long term illness or even death? Answer: Do you carry any significant financial responsibilities with growing children or aging parents? Answer: Are you concerned about the future of your job or career? Answer: Do you feel that financial terms such as investments, insurance, debt, inflation, and tax are difficult to understand? Answer: Do you think there is a large number of people in our country who struggle financially and need help to improve their financial situation? Answer: If you were to choose, what would you rather have? Answer: What is your ideal retirement age? Answer: Financial Solutions: Do you want to learn more about how money works and how to build a stronger financial future? Answer: Are you interested in making more money and increasing your cash flow? Answer: Do you want to explore a new business career in the fast growing financial industry? Answer: Answer it all and have a schedule for an appointment. We can help you in solving your personal financial problems. Visit us in our office at IMG 2nd floor JY Mall, Lahug Cebu City if you're from Cebu and also in IMG 9th Floor King's Court Building 1, 2129 Chino Roces Avenue if you're from Manila. We conduct wealth academy workshops, financial management classes and personal financial strategy coaching. For more inquires, visit our website and you can contact this # 09108509307 to ask a schedule for an appointment and seat reservation for the workshops and classes. Limited seats only. Financial security is not a dream, it is a priority. Sincerely Yours, International Marketing Group Makati City and Cebu City, Philippines