I Love Fitness

We live in a society where hectic schedules increasingly necessitate the element of Convenience and Customer Experience. Customer Experience and Convenience decides in doing and facilitating doing more in less time. And without it, one’s health is often the first to suffer. The reasoning goes - “There’s excellent experience or time to fit exercise into my schedule.” What if, the opportunity to feel true Customer Experience and Convenience is at your doorstep and not the other way around? The answer is I Love Fitness - a quality fitness center that is 100% focused on the Customer Experience. Our customer-centric approach is based on a 4-tiered concept: Quality. Convenient. Flexible. Economical. Quality - Is our staff, from first contact at reception, Coaches, managers and Management team to programmes, and state-of- the-art equipment sourced from only world-class providers. Every workout at I Love Fitness is effective and a milestone on your way to fulfilling your goals. Convenient - Is how we make your life. Situated and always at excellence service at neigboiurhood community. Flexible – From a range of user friendly policies and with our “No Contracts” agreement policy, flexibility also means total and top priority commitment at serving our community to us. Economical - Is our monthly membership. You enjoy premium products and services at an affordable price - no contracts, no locking in. We believe that with customer satisfaction comes customer loyalty. Brand Identity Our identity is projected through our Logo, Passion for exercise, Colour Palette and Image Style. Symbol: Our symbol is an “I” enclosing our heart for promoting healthly lifestyle, which is our central passion towards true happiness radiating outside at the same time representing innovation in quality and fitness experience Copy: In copy, “I Love Fitness“ must appear with “I” with uppercase, “Love” L with uppercase and “ove” all lowercase and “Fitness” with uppercase ‘F’ and “itness” all in lower case. Copy tone and manner should be inspiring, engaging, motivating and friendly.