Jody Jelas - LadyBalls

Jody Jelas is often referred to as: “The most transparent and authentic personal brand marketer in the business” She's the #1 best selling Author of "LadyBalls" She helps Coaches, Teachers & Entrepreneurs create an authentic online brand, through video, by being their 100% non-filter selves! She then helps them to extract their best knowledge and turn it into an online leveraged program with her proven BOOM! Formula system! Over the last 16 years she has helped top business folk and online marketers grow their brand globally and develop online leveraged offers that bring in millions of dollars a year for her clients. Jody harnesses the power of online presence, branding, product creation, social media and marketing. She wants her clients and future business leaders to have more free time and automate their business, so they can spend their time doing what they really LOVE. She helps her clients identify a marketing model and online presence that gets them Fast Fame Online and most importantly provides maximum profits! Jody is from New Zealand and has been a star-making Online Entrepreneur from a young age. She went to her first personal development training at the age of 14 and started her own web design business when she was just 21. She was one of the youngest “Business Women of the Year” Awards-Finalists ever! Jody is not a stranger to failure though. Having nearly gone bankrupt twice in her twenties she has learned first hand how to overcome adversity, kick self-doubt in the face and break past defeat. She is passionate about helping people kick their businesses to another level through tried and tested business strategies and personal development. She has worked and MasterMinds with top online marketers and personal development gurus from all over the world. There is nothing Jody loves more than to hear success stories from people who have taken her advice. Are you next?