Industrial Advancement Academy of the Philippines

Industrial Advancement Academy of the Philippines IAAP is an educational institution duly organized and existing pursuant to the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, including Batas Pambansa Blg. 68 (Corporation Code of the Philippines), and is accredited by the TECHNICAL EDUCATION & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (TESDA). Nested at the heart of MANILA, in historic INTRAMUROS, IAAP was founded by young visionaries from the areas of business, media, marketing and advertising, and law. What we envision? IAAP aims to establish itself as a premier institution that provides globally competitive education that is responsive to the times, and empowers graduates to become productive members of society. To ensure realization of its vision, IAAP endeavors to: To provide an educational environment that is conducive to effective learning. To maintain a roster of educators with recognized expertise in their respective professional fields, and who adopt teaching methodologies that effectively impart knowledge, skills, and character required of an effective workforce. To ensure that learning materials are accurate, recent, and compliant with international standards and best practices. What we stand for? IAAP believes in: Creating a work environment that respects the dignity of the human person, recognizes and rewards the skills and talents of its people, instills value of labor, and encourages long-term, sustainable career growth. Producing skilled graduates who embody the values of excellence, global competitiveness, reliability, honesty, and integrity. An empowered workforce, through the development of knowledge, skills, and character, as dynamic contributors to a viable and sustainable national economy.