As performers ourselves, we know that the path to becoming a professional can be a rocky one. Emotional ups and downs, criticism, rejection, judgment (both self-imposed and from others), and other elements can really cramp your style…and make it nearly impossible to stay open minded and enthusiastic about the future. Back in 2009, we interviewed many established and emerging artists to better understand what they were struggling with the most. One pain point we wanted to alleviate was how to help musicians and performers embark on their careers with creativity, an entrepreneurial mindset, and—most importantly—a strong sense of personal value. Many institutions struggle to prepare musicians to meet the demands of a career in the 21st century. Those that do don’t always have the time or resources to devote to each individual’s challenges. We work to fill that gap by offering private and small-group services to artists at all career levels. We cover everything from building a personal brand, to self-promotion, to positive mindset strategies. Our strategies and techniques help you connect to the joy and magic of your art, while making a living that supports you and your family. If you’re a musician, theater performer, or arts professionals who wants to expand your influence and make an impact—without sacrificing your values or desire for growth, iCadenza is for you.