Hummingbird Early Learning Centre

Early Learning – Your Child’s Foundation On the birth of a child many parents race to reserve a place at the elite school they think will best prepare their child for university. Yet most of them are unaware that their child’s fundamental abilities, talents and capabilities will be set and established years before the child arrives at the chosen school. A child’s core aptitudes and skills are embedded by age 7. In the first 3 years, a child’s brain will treble its weight and establish a thousand trillion nerve connections. These early years are the time for stimulation and education. If your child has artistic talent, a head for mathematics or a flair for languages it will be set by the time of their seventh birthday party. What can you do to give your child the right foundation? How can you set your child’s education on the right path? Where is the best place to start? That’s where we come in. Hummingbird operate a leading edge early education centre at the DIFC. Our Centre is staffed with qualified teachers and we follow the UK Early Years’ Foundation Curriculum. We aim to lay the foundation for excellence in education. We do that by giving your child the intellectual, creative and social stimulation all children crave. Our Hummingbird baby program begins with children aged 6 to 12 months. It stimulates development across the full spectrum – motor skills, sensory recognition, cognitive skills, socialization, music and speech. For children over 12 months, we offer a structured program to encourage and extend your child. Our priorities are to introduce language, numbers, the natural world and social skills. We emphasize creativity through art, dance, music and role playing. Hummingbird has purpose-built indoor facilities, full of space, light and colour. Kieny Watts General Manager