Hugster Family Photography

Hi, we're Iain and Jo Sim, and Hugster Family Photography is our baby (we also have some actual real-life kids, so don't tell them we describe our business as their sibling, they'll get very upset). Hugster started from a simple idea. What if we could blend the natural spontaneity of REAL family moments with all the best bits of a professional photo shoot (like great light, a beautiful location, advice on clothing etc) and then finish it all off with personal design help and the best quality frames and albums? It's what we would want for our own family. There are too many serious faces in the world already - we don't need more of them on your walls. So Hugster portrait sessions are about having fun together as a family and capturing that rather than modelling or acting. Models often look unhappy (and a bit hungry) anyway, right? Everything starts with your family's story. We don't want you to look like strangers on your own walls, so if we take the time to learn about where your family started and what makes you special, we can incorporate that into everything from the portrait session right through to the final designs. As a little example, does your child smile differently when you say 'smile please' than when they're talking about their favourite thing in the world? We all do, so that's why we'll use other sneaky tricks to get you all smiling instead of bossing you around at the session. If this sounds like what you're looking for, just click the Call Now button at the top of this page. We'd love to hear from you.