Hudson Group Malta

Hudson Holdings Group is a retailer, distributor and service provider involved mainly in the sport and fashion wear sectors. The Group’s head office is located in Burmarrad, Malta and it has supporting offices in Italy, Libya and Algeria. In Malta we are the leading retailer and distributor of sportswear products through our representation of several leading international brands as well as our Urban Jungle franchise chain which covers the entire Maltese Islands. Through the New Look franchise with 3 stores now open as well as River Island, Kiabi and Timberland we have also become a leading fashion retailer. The Brands handled by the Group and its partners include: - Nike in Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya; - Converse in Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya; - Tommy Hilfiger in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria; - Timberland in Malta, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya; - Crocs, Havaianas, Hurley, Vans, New Era in Malta; - Kiabi, River Island in Malta; - New Look in Malta and Libya - Esprit, Clarks and Parfois in Libya