Huds and Toke

We all love to treat our pets, sometimes it's for training, or special occasions or maybe just because we know the best way to our pets hearts is through their stomachs, but just like us it's important to watch what they eat. Our pets, including horses, dogs, cats and small animals are similar to us... They love high quality food and celebrating special moments with a Gourmet Treat or Birthday Cake. All pet treats are developed, and produced, in Australia from the highest quality produce, and with the health of your best friend at top of mind. That's why Huds and Toke have quickly earned a reputation as an innovative and exciting professional enterprise, winners of three awards. We all want our pets to behave well, love their life with us, and to be in our lives for as long as possible! At the same time, it is important to feel good within yourself about giving them a treat you can trust is made with all natural ingredients here, in Australia. That's why our passionate and award winning team at Huds and Toke produce 100% Australian made Horse Treats, Dog Treats and Cat Treats which are the only pet treats in the world which are tested on humans!