Helen Thomas Robson

Since I was a young child, I have always loved design, fashion and creating art, it has always been a part of me and led to a successful career in the fashion/film industry and the sale and exhibit of my art work and published books. In my early 20's I had two mentors that helped me develop a passion for personal and professional development. This training developed me in to an entrepreneur and speaker, giving me opportunitis to create successful businesses of my own, and to teach and train thousands of other people in personal and professional development. A few years ago I stumbled across the power of essential oils and fell in love. It blended so well with the energy work I did and learned as a teen from my mom and aunt in healing the heart and soul. Soon after seeing the benefits of these amazing oils I became an essential oils educator and was part of developing an essential oils education system that helped people around the globe with creating wellness in their own emotional, physical and spiritual lives. Yes these 3 areas are all different from each other, but I realized they had one thing in common...the power they had in helping me create SHIFTs I needed and wanted in my life. I found when I used them together they worked even more powerful; helping me to create the environment I needed to SHIFT. I became passionate about helping other people do the same as a Holistic Life Coach. SHIFT is the result of these 3 elements weaved together and is an exciting and enlightening way of helping people create SHIFTs in their personal and professional lives. What is SHIFT? The ability to move your attitude, feelings, thoughts into a different possibility, paradigm or out come. With my program it is also an acronym for Stop, Heart, Inhale, Feel, Thank Join me to learn more about how you can SHIFT in to a new life and way of living.