ATAR Notes - HSC

ATAR Notes HSC is all about providing free and easily accessible online content to students in New South Wales studying their HSC. We are a crew of high achieving past students - State rankers, prize winners, 99+ ATAR scorers, and just all around super enthusiastic people. We are passionate about making your HSC year as painless as it possibly can be. This isn't an "HSC Memes" page, nor is it an "HSC Help" page. It's simply a page for the HSC - where we'll post funny stuff, relevant articles, guides and our advice to you. It's everything you could want or need as an HSC student all in one place. We're determined to give as much free help as humanly possible. Whether it's for 2U Maths, 3U Maths, 4U Maths, Legal Studies, Extension English subjects, Music 1, or anything in between, we want to help you smash the HSC, and we want our most helpful content to be free. If the Board of Studies has written a syllabus dot-point on it, we want to create a resource to help you out. If you've read this far and you like what you're doing - get involved. Invite your friends, help us make resources - send us a message! If we come together, we'll create an amazing community that could do more than any small group of people ever could.