Hops to Home

At Hops To Home we love fresh craft beer from the tap. We are particularly fond of takeaway Growlers and Squealers. Like many other people we live pretty hectic lifestyles but still like to enjoy a quality craft beer at home. It was in fact our busy lifestyles that led to the idea of Hops To Home! We were finding it increasingly difficult to get to our favorite Growler and Squealer takeaway shops due to time constraints and location from home/work. When we did find time to get out for a fill, it was mainly on lunch breaks or while running errands on the weekend. By the time we arrived home we had warm beer. Not good. So over lunch and a cold crafty (or two) we thought, "wouldn't it be great to have chilled craft beer delivered to your door in time for the weekend!". Kind of like milk deliveries in the good old days where you left your empty bottle on the door step in exchange for a cold full bottle. This is the same concept but with the best fresh craft beer! Out of that lunch Hops To Home was born. We've invested in special Pegas counter pressure tapping systems that allow us to purge oxygen from the bottle before filling. This means fresh beer for up to 4 weeks before opening. As well as the Pegas Craft Taps we've also acquired Melbourne's first specialised canning machine known as the CANimal! These monster 946ml cans are filled straight from the tap and sealed immediately to lock in freshness for up to 4 weeks before opening. Most importantly we keep the beer cold from pouring, to storing to delivery! Imagine coming home on a Friday night to a fresh cold craft beer right on your door step! Enough about us. We hope you enjoy the quality fresh craft beers we have on tap as much as we do. Cheers!