Hook-Eze......Takes the PRICKS out of Fishing!

The Hook-Eze is designed in Australia by Queensland Inventor Ross Bain. Ross originally thought of the Hook-Eze, having spent numerous hours tying hooks on for his wife and children, whilst never getting a chance to throw the line in himself. His eldest daughter has been tying chemically sharpened hooks onto her own line since the age of three! Friends would come up and want to fish, but couldn't tie knots....they'd always slip the hook. Ross thought there had to be an easier and then came up with Hook-Eze. After getting sick and tired of tying knots for everyone else - especially with kids – the Hook-Eze means he can spend more time fishing. Now everyone can safely tie their own tackle! Hook-Eze really does take the pricks out of fishing! The innovators NOT the imitators! Find out more at: www.hookeze.com