Homemade Method

The Homemade Method™ is the proven 'no-diet' way of achieving a healthy body for life. It's for women who are TIRED of losing weight only to gain it back again. We offer Online Programs and Workshops that teach you how to cook quick, easy & tasty meals and discover a new mindset, so you get to eat what you like, only it's better for you :) Our Homemade Method™ Members have already cooked over 70,000 meals and lost tens of thousands of pounds. We've helped our Members reverse their high blood sugars, blood pressure & cholesterol too. These are real, busy people who didn't know how to cook healthy when they found us. We just have a simple, unique system that works! The Homemade Method™ was founded in 2013 by Stanford Graduates, Anna Rakoczy & Dr Chloe Chien. Leading organizations like Google, Hewlett Packard, Stanford University and Stanford Hospitals and 7 medical clinics have partnered with us. Join our Private Members Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/homemademembers Get your free starter kit (including free training videos and recipes) here: www.homemade-cooking.com. Welcome to the Homemade Method - we can't wait to help you become your best, healthiest self! warmly, Anna, Co-Founder, Homemade Method™.