HoliMaths X - a family multiplication strategy card game - 10 ways to play it -1 to 6 players - 7 and up - innovative card game aimed to meaningful/significant learning - develops logical thinking - converts an individual learning process into a collective one generating social interaction - helps develop tolerance to frustration - promotes strategical thinking to solve problems - aimed for intergenerational integration involving parents and grandparents in a fun way for the whole family! The main attributes of the games include helping/incentivizing early development of Higher and Lower Order Thinking Skills including creative and critical thinking in addition to comprehensive logical reasoning - Produces positive emotional engagement while providing the intended learning experience – Easy to learn, fast to start – Character building for the child involving honesty, responsibility, cooperation during play - High REPLAYABILITY values because of its 10 ways to play - HoliPlayers.com 10 lost cards Free-Replacement-Guarantee - Money back “No Questions Asked” Guarantee Somos una empresa que desarrolla juegos didácticos y pedagógicos que: Apoya la labor educativa del aula de clases extendiéndola al hogar. Refuerza los conocimientos generando un aprendizaje significativo. Involucra nuevas motivaciones que integran la parte lúdica, aprender jugando. Focaliza la energía dispersa. Afianza los cimientos del proceso formativo en evolución.