hiccapop started out of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The goal was to make a difference in a niche that has been the same for decades... from bump to baby. See... there has been very little innovation in the past 2 decades. It's amazing how stale the baby industry has become. So, with a team comprised of Stanford minds, industry experts and crunchy parents, hiccapop has a mission... To innovate, re-innovate, and bring a new era of style, sophistication and elegance to millennial parents who are ready to take the world by storm. Here's how we're doing it... Honestly, we're not complicated over here at hiccapop. We simply find solutions to age-old problems and fix 'em. Parents don't need more "stuff" to fill the nursery and home... That's why we focus so much attention on ideas that we know you want and will actually use. You will never find a useless hiccapop product at a baby shower, because we only design innovations you need. At hiccapop we develop high-end baby and pregnancy items you can afford... products you can be proud of... products you want to tell your friends about... Join the hicca-revolution... hiccapop is building a tribe of parents that want more for their children than their generation had. Information abounds and at hiccapop we partner with top industry movers and shakers in the blogoshpere to keep our tribe "in the know" about the newest parenting trends, tips & tricks, products (not just ours), and health/safety in this modern world... AND... We LOVE to laugh. Parenting is HARD... We get it... We're parents, too. We're not afraid to poke fun at each other, our crazy ideas, our missteps, or the goofy parenting techniques and ideas that regularly float through the web. If you love to laugh, chuckle with us... and stay informed in the process... And we apologize if we nudge that defensive side of your brain :-) Stay light-hearted and we'll all get through this parenting thing together.