Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu is a seasoned social media strategist with nearly 10 years of experience in the advertising and online marketing industry. Her mission is to connect brands and entrepreneurs with their customers online to increase brand awareness, drive more leads and increase sales. Stephanie is not like the other social media “gurus” and “experts” that only have theoretical knowledge about what could or should work in social. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies throughout her agency career as a search marketing manager, social media strategist and director of social strategy. Her unique approach is full-bodied and designed to integrate seamlessly with other digital elements especially SEO, Content Marketing, PR and more. She begins with researching your industry, outlining business goals, and defining your target audience. Stephanie follows a very formal marketing process for each social media strategy which includes in depth discovery and data analysis, market research, project planning, exceptional project management, training, consulting, and reporting. She also incorporates social media ads such as Facebook advertising into many marketing campaigns. All recommendations are based on what is best for your business and offers the most engaging experience for your audience. For a detailed look at Stephanie’s online marketing experience, visit