Heaven Quester

Heaven Quester was founded with concept of Eco Tourism promotion, cultural rehabilitation in Kashmir and northern areas of Pakistan and Exploration of unseen tourism sites with more fascination by nature loving and professionally trained team in tourism sector, individuals who are passionate about their country, their people, their natural resources and providing you with the highest quality of educational tourism experience that responsibly contribute specially to the conservation of Kashmir’s beautiful natural resources its forests, Water Resources, Wild Life and indigenous animals, most notably the endangered mountain MARKKHORS & Leopards as well as the development of Eco Tourism for wellbeing of local people. Heaven Quester arranged educational and training workshops for tourism related workforce in Kashmir (Rawalakot, Bagh & Neelum Valley) specially to train guest house and hotels staff (Waiters, Front Desk Officers and Security Staff) to deal in very professional way to attract tourists to those areas. In order to create an unforgettable experience for you, Heaven Quester is staffed by people who have not only been trained professional in eco-tourism, but also have real- world experience with the cultures and people you will encounter. Through our years of work in the field of tourism and conservation, engagement in ecotourism and community development which we have directly invested in, we are uniquely positioned to give you the chance to experience most majestic sites in Pakistan in an unforgettable way and to see for yourself the difference we have made to both conservation and livelihoods of local people.