The Headshot Truck

The Headshot Truck? Wait, what? The Headshot Truck is an all-inclusive, mobile photography studio where actors can get their headshots done. Every detail of The Headshot Truck experience, from start to finish, has been tailored to the needs of the actors we are here to serve. Our team of experts aboard each truck includes a makeup artist, wardrobe consultant and a photographer. Rain or shine, come hell or high water, our goal is to enable and empower every actor to produce a solid set of headshots, without breaking the bank or wasting time, so they can move on to other things, like say, focusing on auditions, acting classes and agent meetings. What you’ll get aboard The Headshot Truck Always a picture of you, not somebody who kind of looks like you, but only from certain angles, or somebody who looks like you, 10 years ago. It is the same person that shows up at your auditions. Always the very best version of you- confident, well rested, groomed, and stylish. We understand the pressure you’re under to produce a stellar headshot or portfolio shot, and how crucial that is in terms of moving your career forward. Now we need you to trust the process. If you do everything we ask of you, we will make this the easiest, most fun, and most fool-proof headshot session, EVER. Come hang out with us while we happen to get some awesome shots of you!