Harvey and Coco

Hey! Welcome to the HARVEY&COCO fan page. Things are a touch unconventional around here, but people seem to like it that way :) The very handsom, happy, hyperactive, houndishly hilarious 'Harvey' will keep you updated on what he's up to and his ongoing adventures since his life changing emergency surgery. Emergency surgery?! I hear you cry... You can read his emotional yet remarkable story right here >> https://goo.gl/J2KaqR WARNING: There's a serious chance you may cry, so please have tissues at the ready, and someone to hug straight after. Oh, I almost forgot...we also make some pretty serious super-natural, ethically produced hair and skin products for women and men aswell (inbetween keeping an eye on the little rascal). They are right here >> https://goo.gl/XxC4O9