Happy Wife, Happy Life

"It all started when me and my wife were privileged to mentor 7 couples on a once-a-month basis. Our main goal is to share and to impart on how to strengthen their marriage. The floor was opened for them to ask questions and to directly address their concerns. One question that really caught my attention was, 'If there is only one thing that you can teach us, what would it be?' This was a question that needed a lot of thinking as we learned so much in our 15 years of marriage. It made me ponder for a few seconds. Then, I remembered one of my mentor’s advice to me during the early years of my marriage. When I shared it with all of them, some were so encouraged and started to take down notes. I didn't even realized how a simple idea can make a major impact in others' lives. After that night, I got to my computer and started to blog about it. I am not a blogger, but I just wrote the idea I shared with the group. To my shock and surprise, there were over 2 million views - after 30,000 shares and over 75,000 likes. I just felt that there was a great need for couples to be guided and to be mentored with their marriage. After so many series of writing about this topic, I just felt that I need to continue and share what God has deposited in my own marriage." - Chinkee Tan