Hakim suleman khan

Hakim Suleman Khan Toor (a.k.a. H.S.K) is an award-winning, globally acclaimed, full-fledged & licensed herbalist, naturopath and Founder of 'ATIYA HERBS' one of the most Prominent Greek Medicine (Tibb-e-Unaani) Manufacturing Company Based in Mumbai(India)Hakim Suleman khan has literally revolutionized and revived this long-ignored field in the Indian subcontinent. A professional health practitioner,published author and dedicated researcher, Hakim Suleman has been working hard for years to provide rapid yet permanent relief, better symptoms’ control and root cause elimination to the ailing humanity without any discrimination of age, race, gender or religion. Born and bred in the capital of the second largest country of the world by population (Delhi, India), Hakim Suleman has had numerous opportunities to see, diagnose and successfully treat hundreds of thousands of patients, countless diseases and disorders and several types of symptoms and signs. Hakim Suleman’s knowledge – A journey through generations Hailed from a well-known family of Greek medicine practitioners and established naturopaths of South East Asia, Afghanistan & fertile Indian subcontinent, Hakim Suleman brings decades of healing experience with his products. It must be noted that his ancestors, for hundreds of years and over twelve generations, have been world-renowned health experts in the healing art of Unani medicine. Being honored to have been chosen by his own ancestors to help sick around the world and deliver them from his naturopathic skills and herbal knowledge, Hakim Suleman has always far exceeded the expectations of his patients. Because of his extra-ordinary knowledge, academic skills and spotless dedication in the field of Greek medicine and naturopathy, 100% pure, organic, Herbal formulae preserved & guarded by his skilled ancestors were safely handed down to him. Hakim Suleman then added his own qualified knowledge & expertise to invent herbal blends that were bound to open new chapters of care and cure in the vast science of Greek medicine & naturopathy