Funky Teething Jewellery, Toys & Clothing Thoughtfully designed by Mums for Mums... because we have been there too! GUMIGEM™ pendants are made of baby safe (non toxic) silicone - like most other 'conventional' teething products GUMIGEM™ help your babies' manage teething - it's recognised the process of biting down helps relieve pressure and pain GUMIGEM™ entertain your baby's little hands when breastfeeding GUMIGEM™ keep your baby occupied when being held or out and about - it's a soother on the move, easily accessible teether GUMIGEM™ are on a long cord, so plenty of reach for your baby and cannot be dropped as they are attached! GUMIGEM™ look stylish and no one would ever know its true purpose GUMIGEM™ have a 'breakaway' clasp so, no more sore necks from strong tugs! GUMIGEM™ can be put in the steriliser or dishwasher GUMIGEM™ make a perfect, unique and thoughtful baby shower gift, or for adorable aunties and gorgeous grannies! GUMIGEM™ are a traditional teether for the modern mum GUMIGEM™ are not made from hard beads which many dentists feel is not ideal for emerging teeth due to the potential risk of wear and damage GUMIGEM™ are priced in line with most high street necklaces, despite the high quality of the silicone used. So go on...... treat yourself or someone you know to a GUMIGEM™ today! With 100% positive customer feedback, it's a purchase you won't regret!