Guitar Mastery Method

Guitar Mastery Method is a video guitar lesson membership site with high quality, easy to understand HD lessons complete with reference material for each lesson. We also send out some awesome free lessons so make sure you sign up on to get those! Here's what some of our members say: ----------------------------- "I have been playing guitar off & on for the past 25yrs. Being mostly self taught, I constantly found myself hitting walls with progressing to new levels. Due to this frustration, I spent more time OFF my guitar, than on. Then recently I came across “Guitar Mastery Method”… The name says it all. I am amazed at the amount and depth of content contained within your course. Just by watching through the 100+ videos I have learnt new concepts & techniques, like ‘Bumble Tapping’! Definitely a ‘Mastery Method’ to improve anyone’s playing. I applaud & Thank You for the effort that has been put into this awesome course. It is great to see someone who not only has the guitar knowledge but also the working experience to back up their playing skills. You have given me a new exuberance for getting stuck back into my playing and to break through that wall. Keep up the great work. I would recommend “Guitar Mastery Method” to guitar players of any level." - Brad C, Australia ----------------------------- "I really enjoy the videos. Everything is explained very clearly and concisely. You obviously have a passion for the guitar and passing on what you know! The fact that there are over 100 videos is amazing. There are some awesome techniques in there. My guitar playing is already being helped by the finger stretching and strengthening excercises and that is just the start of it. Thank you very much Charlie for an enjoyable and extensive course." - Kevin O, UK ----------------------------- "Hi! Charlie I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take advantage of your Guitar Mastery Method. I have found the course to be very well put together and easy to understand , I have been able to improve in a few areas I was struggling with . Your course is one of the best I have seen so far Thanks again" - John H, Canada ----------------------------- "I would class myself as an intermediate plus player who has played in bands for years, I approched this course as a beginner would, it has certainly shown me some things I did’nt know and although only half way through expect to come out the other end a lot better than I am now, in fact the hand exercise part is worth the price alone…Peter, Guitarist for Dr Sleeze and the STDs…" - Peter L, London UK ----------------------------- "Have only had a chance for a “quick” look so far. Went through some of the lessons with my 16yo son, he will have more time than myself over the next few months, and is very impressed. Two words…..F*ing Awesome !!!" - Peter H, USA ----------------------------- "I have started going through the lessons and I have to say they are fantastic. They hit all the aspects of guitar and are already helping to motivate me. they are slow enough to allow understanding yet not boring. I am really looking forward to the next free time I have to sit down and get a few more video lessons done. Thanks for this, after a lot of years of noodling in front of the TV, finally I have a motivational learning tool to get me going on the road to improvement." - Brad Traynor, USA ----------------------------- "The Guitar Mastery Method is GREAT! The lessons are well presented, easy to understand, and don't overwhelm the student. I greatly enjoyed the focus on the different techniques, especially the material on tapping. Where I think the Guitar Mastery Method really shines is the practice routine. It is really easy to know what to do next, because you are shown what to practice, and how much time to spend on each exercise during your practice session. If you follow the routine, as presented, you will improve. As Charlie says, "get stuck in", and good guitar skills will come out." - Russell Warrick, Florida USA