Guardian Bikes

Guardian's mission is to build the world’s safest kids bikes. We believe a bike should be a part of every childhood, but injuries shouldn’t. By engineering a way to make kids feel safe and confident while riding, we encourage them to be active and healthy by spending more time outdoors. It all started with a simple mission to make braking on a bike safer after a family member flipped over the handlebars and was seriously injured. Although he's recovered now, it was stories like these that motivated us to develop a new type of braking system that makes stopping easier and safer than ever before. A system that not only gives the rider more stopping power, allowing him or her to stop quicker, but one that also completely prevents head-over-handlebar accidents caused from common braking mistakes. This novel yet simple braking system called SureStop allows us to keep people safe while riding, all the while making the experience that much better. At Guardian we took this even further, by reinventing the way children's bicycles are produced and engineering a bike that is as safe as it can possibly be, while never compromising on design, aesthetics, and the "coolness" factor. We've taken all the concerns parents have, and issues current kids bikes possess, and found a way to improve on them. Our frame geometry ensures a better bike fit for the child, making sure that they are lower to the ground so they have more control on each and every ride. We utilize a 100% aluminum frame, making a bike that is lightweight allowing for better balance and maneuverability. In addition, our bikes are assembled using advanced hand welding techniques making for a smoother and overall aesthetically pleasing ride! And of course, our bikes come equipped with SureStop. We ensure proper bike fit, by allowing our customers to choose a bike based on the child's height, as well as offer free shipping, a 60 day test ride policy, and only require 5 minutes (or less) of assembly time. Will you join us on our mission to getting kids on the best bikes out there?