Greener Chef

WHEN WE SAY TEENY-TINY START-UP FAMILY BIZ... We mean it! Greener Chef is owned + operated solely by a husband-and-wife team: Brent + Laura. It's just us, so sink or swim, this is our life! WHAT WE'RE INTO Like all you fine friends, we're into cleaner, greener living... and food! We're constantly searching (maybe a bit obsessively?) for healthier products that respect our bodies & the earth. But sometimes, when you want things done right... you have to do them yourself. Voila! Greener Chef was born. Um, well, ok. So maybe it didn't go exactly like that, We did take a big risk and quit our corporate jobs to plunge our hearts and hands into this brand. We don't have lofty dreams, we just hope the business will provide enough to sustain a simple, happy, healthy life for us and our new son, Max. ABOUT US: BRENT + LAURA Ok so, we're really not too fancy o' folks. We live a quiet life. We stay pretty busy with work but we also reserve time for faith, family, friends, and the pursuit of adventure + health (yes, we actually use our own products). Brent is the cornerstone of Greener Chef. His intense devotion and desire for success carries our brand. Random things he's into: coffee, Crossfit, travel, and watching football with Max. I (Laura) do the dreaming + communicating. Random things I'm into: holistic nutrition (I'm also an N.T.P. + instructor of nutrition), reading books, nature, travel + singing silly, made-up songs to Max. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING OUR LIL FAMILY BIZ Seriously. Thank you. We're incredibly thankful for the Greener Chef product line and the ability to run a small business to support our family. Yah, it's totally sappy. Anddd also, true. One of the highlights of our work is getting to serve, hear from + interact with you -- our like-minded customers -- on a daily basis. You feel more like friends than strangers! Best wishes + take care! - Laura + Brent (and Max!)