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For over thirty years I have been improving homes in the beautiful city of San Antonio. I’ve sold everything from high end vacuum cleaners to upscale room additions. Somehow, I always found myself in the home improvement business. In 2004, I introduced my brother, John Ramos Jr. to the home improvement business as well. Together we sold gutter protection for GutterMaxx all over the Southwest. Our success with GutterMaxx eventually led us to join the Liberty Builders of Texas, where John and I headed up the Gutter Pro division. "We provide the highest quality craftsmanship, honestly and ethically. I know how you feel about people who sell home improvements and that is what drives me to do it differently. Thank you for the trust, faith, and confidence that you have placed in me and Green Energy Of SA to take care of this improvement project for your home." -Richard Ramos In 2009, I learned about an incredible product Green Energy Radiant Barrier™. With all my prior experience in home improvement, I knew how valuable a product like this would be to homeowners. After doing extensive in-depth research, I knew this product was innovative and revolutionary. Green Energy Radiant Barriers™ were not a commodity, they were a commodity killer. They outperformed every other radiant barrier on the market. I was determined to bring this incredible product to market in San Antonio. Eagerly, I took my findings to the team at Liberty Builders. Surprisingly, my idea to introduce Green Energy Radiant Barriers™ to San Antonio and the greater Texas area was met with hesitation. Fortunately, my mama didn’t raise a fool! When it looked as if Green Energy Radiant Barriers™ weren’t going to happen under Liberty Builders, I decided to take a leap of faith. I passionately believed in Green Energy Radiant Barrier™, and I knew if I didn’t introduce this innovative product to the market, someone else would. In August of 2009, with very little in our pockets but a willingness to work harder than ever before, my brother John and I decided to go into business for ourselves. We had no idea how we were going to make it happen but we did know we believe in Green Energy Radiant Barriers™, and were ready to put in the hard work. With that one giant leap of faith, John and I became the official LeafLock and Green Energy Radiant Barrier™ dealers for San Antonio. In the short three years since we’ve opened our doors, that leap of faith has proven to be one of the best chances we ever took. All we started with were 3 D’s - a dream, a desk, and a “doing-business-as.” We’ve since become the #1 dealer of Green Energy Radiant Barriers™ in the state of Texas, and the #3 dealer in all of North America. We’ve been recognized for our outstanding customer service, marketing, and sales by receiving the President’s award from the manufactures. Thanks to the incredible product of Green Energy Radiant Barriers I’ve been able to bring my whole family on board with this dream. Mom and Dad have been the stars of our commercials, in 2011 my oldest daughter Aimee came on board as our Operations Manager, and my grandson Jymi is our events coordinator. His lovely soon to be wife Claudia takes great care of our customers and answers the phones. In addition, John’s wife Dana and Aimee’s husband Mike are always finding ways to pitch in and help out when things get busy. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve also brought on folks who grew into family. Mark, Justin and David are our friendly and helpful sales consultants. Carlos runs our gutter division, and Ted and Damian manage our insulation division. Even though our family has expanded, all the new faces we’ve brought on board over the years cherish our same values and are ready to provide the excellent customer service you deserve. Green Energy Show Room If I hadn’t believed in Green Energy Radiant Barriers™, I would have never taken this giant leap of faith. I’d love the opportunity to help you experience the amazing benefits of Green Energy Barrier for your very own home. We’re a family business so we know how important your home is. If you desire a home that is more comfortable and energy efficient, or you are looking to have some gutter work done around the house, we’d love to be trusted with the opportunity. Give us a call or click, and we’ll send a friendly face out to you for an absolutely free 6 month no non-sense price quote. Thanks again for choosing Green Energy of San Antonio, we consider it a blessing to serve you! Our Mission At Green Energy SA, we attempt to provide the level of excellence, unprecedented to the industry. We train our team to meet and exceed your expectations. It is our belief that the needs of our customers come first. We know that many homeowners have had their share of bad experiences in the past with contractors. Our Goals To provide the highest quality products and made in the U.S.A. As always, every estimate is free, with a six month no nonsense exact price guarantee. Our Values We provide the highest quality craftsmanship, honestly and ethically. I know how you feel about people who sell home improvements and that is what drives me to do it differently. Thank you for the trust, faith and confidence that you have placed in me and in Green Energy of SA to take care of this home improvement project for your home. We know that when the time comes for a project to be done in the home it can be a frustrating and confusing job. At Green Energy Of San Antonio we have done everything we could to make your insulation, window, or gutter project a simple and painless one. All of our products are completely exclusive to our company, so you are not have to drive all over town, or interview a handful of contractors showing you the same exact products. Our sales staff have been trained to ask and listen to what our customers needs are. Our philosophy is, “It is not about how much material we can sell, or how big of a sale we can leave with, but it is about finding out the needs of the customer, and providing that service to them.” As a family owned and operated business we demand the best from our staff, so you will never see us resort to using high pressure to earn your business. All of our projects are backed with a six month no nonsense price guarantee. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Feel free to see our ratings and reviews on our reviews page. When you are ready, just complete the contact form for a free no obligation estimate. Green Energy Of SA is a proud corporate sponsor of the San Antonio Spurs. The next time you are at a Spurs game, look for the Green Energy Booth. At the booth you can learn more about our products and meet our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions in person, and you may even get to have your picture taken with our mascot, the Green Energy Panther. Watch for our commercial, featuring the San Antonio Spurs Coyote, on GESA.TV.