Green Circle Realty (Official Fanpage)

Established in July 2006 by real estate entrepreneur Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez, Green Circle Realty is guided by its two-pronged mission: • To help the middle-and-above-middle-income earners acquire affordable quality homes for their families. • To provide a decent income opportunity to enterprising individuals wanting to upgrade their lifestyles. To ably fulfill its objective of helping more people own their homes, Green Circle Realty has partnered with a reputable real estate developer, Property Company of Friends (Pro-Friends), which has already established a solid track record in real estate development through the past 12 years. ----------------------------------------------------------- With the excellent leadership of its company president and its management, GCR has become a top-notch real estate marketing network which made owning affordable quality homes possible for ordinary Filipino workers here and abroad. Along with its mission to provide affordable quality homes, GCR has also become a “home” to some of today’s real estate sales champions. Since 2006, GCR has been an integral part of their beautiful success stories as their skills and passion are continuously honed through GCR’s training and development programs. Mission Green Circle Realty Sales, Inc. shall be the standard by which other real estate marketing companies shall measure their performance with. Our brand of selling is marked by the genuine service and quality product we serve to continuously maintain the trust and satisfaction of our customers. We are an integrity-driven team of real estate professionals, pursuing personal and corporate growth, excellence, competence, and service, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, family and support. To our developer-partner, Pro-Friends, we are focused to market its inventory to our niche market, locally and globally, so that we contribute to the improvement of our customers’ quality of life. To our team members, we provide opportunities to hone their entrepreneurial spirit to ensure personal and career growth in a competitive yet nurturing atmosphere, assuring and sharing with them the abundance of business growth. To God and our Company, their inspiration is our anchor and energy that keeps us committed to create a difference in the real estate industry.