Vittles Catering & Food Truck

Owners Josh & Kirstin Mason met at Salisbury University in 2007 through a mutual group of friends. Kirstin was from Iowa and Josh from Salisbury. Lets just say they hit it off and the rest is histroy! Josh & Kirstin are entrepreneurs at heart and decided to dive head first into their very first business, Vittles, LLC. Neither of them having a background in food, they decided to call on Jeremy Dashiell, a local chef that has worked with many influential restaurants in the area. They knew they were on there way to building a winning team. With the food truck industry growing so rapidly in larger mento areas, we at Vittles felt that now is a better time than ever to bring that local, fresh flare to the streets of Salisbury. The even cooler part, we specialize in GRILLED CHEESE! We have yet to find someone that doesn't like grilled cheese and we are confident that the way we make it, is as irresistible as that buttery grilled cheese your mom use to make! It doesn't stop with Grilled Cheese, Vittles offers several other food options allowing the chef to have fun introducing our customers to new and exciting meals.