We started back in November 2012, making just one product - 'Blend11' (it's still our best-seller). It was designed to supply maximum nutrition as well as fantastic taste, appearance & texture, be quick & easy to use & it just so happens to also give you 'the best poos ever'. Every ingredient is 100% natural (all are certified organic except the almond flakes), extremely nutrient dense, & chosen for a reason! It's gluten free, vegan friendly, & pretty darn close to being paleo (buckwheat & small amounts of millet & amaranth). BLEND11 INGREDIENTS LIST: Chia seeds - protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, omega 3's, fibre, anti-oxidants. Goji Berries - anti-oxidants, amino acids, traditional medicinal qualities (kidney, liver, eye tonic etc) Cacao nibs - anti-oxidants, magnesium, amino acids. Amaranth - protein,manganese Millet - low -reactive, alkalising grain Pepitas - zinc, fibre, essential fatty acids Sesame seeds - calcium, magnesium Linseeds - essential fatty acids, fibre, phytosterols Buckwheat - chromium, rutin, molybdenum Coconut - MCT'S, lauric acid, (good fat, immune support) Almonds - calcium, magnesium, trace elements *all ingredients are certified organic, except the almonds - they will be soon. Blend11 is perfect for: -providing plant protein to vegans & vegetarians, & those on low carb diets - balancing blood cholesterol and sugar levels (great for diabetics) - fat loss and lean muscle building -bowel cleansing / gut optimising / feeding your good gut bugs -skin, hair and nail health -celiacs and gluten intolerance -raw foodists (more than 80% raw). -lovers of interesting food- people who love real food, not processed crap -people who just wanna get healthier! How to eat it: Use Blend11 with yogurt, coconut yogurt, smoothies, protein shakes, as a porridge topper, with chopped fruit, other breakfast mixes...or made into slices /balls / muesli bars for lunch boxes or snacks. Use your imagination! Seed activation: For the maximum nutritional value - soak overnight before eating. Soaking will trigger the germination process, & the release of enzymes, thus changing the nutritional profile & making it gentler on your tummy. The mix is about 4 parts 'good mix' and 1 part water or 1 cup mix & just less than a 1/4 cup of water. Storage: Remember most ingredients are full of good fats & organic, so store somewhere cool & airtight for maximum shelf life / freshness. that was just Blend11. We also now have: -NeoBlend (100% grain free, paleo bircher, perfect with coconut yoghurt). -BallBags - premixes to make your own healthy balls. Choc-nut whey, choc-nut vegan & lunchbox friendly fruity (no nuts). -PondWater: Supergreens plus Aloe Vera. Good, clean greens, tested to be gluten free, no fillers / flavours / sweeteners - just grass, algae & aloe.