Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden's story traces back to the very beginning of the world's creation: where mankind relied on Mother Nature's goodness for answers to ailments and skin conditions using natural herbs, plant extracts and oils. We believe in returning back to natural botanicals to answer our skin care needs, as we believe today’s modern world is filled with chemical-laden skincare products which actually do more damage than good to our skin. Garden of Eden's philosophy is to be "The trusted specialist on effective natural remedies for health conscious consumers." We do this by combining the power of plants, proven by science in a formulation that will penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin... for naturally radiant and beautiful skin – minus the chemicals. Our Promise is to bring to you products using natural plant extracts well known to work gently and effectively on your skin. Our 100% natural treatment range of serum products are specially formulated with high concentrations of specially selected plant extracts that work well together to give the best skincare results. Our treatment serums are naturally rich in natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins that are naturally moisturizing to give your skin a triple action effect: 1. Skin protection to slow down signs of aging 2. Skin regeneration and repair to restore skin radiance and youthfulness 3. Skin hydration for softer and smoother skin GOE company registration no: 517543-H