Ground and Pound Mma Gym

This is the official Ground and Pound MMA Gym community page. To all our friends, students and those who simply appreciate the sport of mixed martial arts, please feel free to click the "like" button. :) for inquiries, refer to the telephone numbers below. PRICING Non Members: Boxing – 250 php/session Muay Thai – 300 php/session MMA – 350 php/session Jiu Jitsu – 6month and 12month package Members: Membership fee – 500php/year Boxing: 200php/session, 1500php 10 sessions, 2500php/month unlimited session Muay Thai – 250php/session, 2000php 10 sessions, 3000php/month unlimited session MMA – 300php/session, 2500php 10 sessions, 4500php/month unlimited session Jiu Jitsu – 6month and 12month package 0975 052 0656 and 5421974