Laurie Girardi

The Girardi Group, Inc. is a multifaceted firm devoted to providing clients of all sizes with an unwavering commitment to excellence, dedication to every project regardless of depth or duration, and integrity grounded in the fact that our clients’ best interest is always paramount. CORPORATE SITE: JOIN US: GROW WITH US: LEARN WITH US: We primarily serve the direct selling industry by providing services to companies as well as services and products to independent representatives. Most consulting firms today choose either to work exclusively with companies or exclusively with field professionals. We have consciously chosen to have a two-pronged approach serving both. Laurie Girardi is adept at providing high-level strategic consulting to corporations as well as translating strategies into the very tactical execution at the level of a field representative. Our clients gain significant added value with our continual field-focused perspective as well as a contemporary corporate mindset. (If you're wondering why we have so few "followers" here on Facebook it's because we literally just recently began working directly with individual entrepreneurs. Prior to 2016, the majority of the work done by Laurie and The Girardi Group, Inc. was done with corporations - where creating an ongoing rapport and community with representatives was not part of the consulting relationship. Thus, now is the time when working directly with direct sellers and network marketers is the primary focus - and a sense of community is welcomed! Our new division will have its own Facebook page - but that will come out when our flagship site is ready. So, let's connect here for now!) The Girardi Group’s expertise with regard to direct selling falls into eight specific categories: • Strategic Sales Leadership • Cohesive Growth Initiatives • Sales force Development • Field Training & Coaching • Data Mining, Manipulation & Automated Analysis • Brand DNA Development & Company Voice Strategy • Field Technology Utilization • Social Media Infusion Our core belief is that independent direct sellers are even more vital in the direct selling process today. We help clients leverage technology and social media, and concurrently, we work to ensure that the human elements of relationship cultivation, impactful experiences and the psychology behind what motivates an independent sales force to succeed are not diluted through the use of new tools and techniques. There is no doubt that direct selling is evolving. However, how companies and individuals adapt to new technologies and new platforms for communication is up to them. Here at the Girardi Group pride ourselves on teaching our clients to think differently about the choices they have with results that lead to sustainable growth and long-term business success. Our approach embraces technology, social media, eLearning and other more cutting-edge applications, but we believe in doing so in a way that opens up opportunities to connect with Millennials without alienating the ever-expanding field of less technologically advanced sellers and baby boomers. This duality presents both challenges and extremely exciting opportunities. The Girardi Group serves direct selling companies through our Corporate Services division. We serve independent direct sellers through our Field Services division which includes In addition to serving the direct selling industry, we also offer consulting services to start-ups in the eCommerce space who are looking to leverage referral and/or affiliate marketing as part of their business model. Many companies in the proof of concept phase of business are unsure where they fit in the continuum of business models --- from traditional direct selling through a field of independent entrepreneurs to straight eCommerce. We help young start-ups navigate some of the early decision-making to move from proof of concept to launch in a smart, strategic way, LEAN way.