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Fully Booked Formula® was founded by me - Lucy Johnson :) I started my career as a personal trainer and much like most people in the health, fitness and wellness industry, I really struggled to find a way to consistently get new clients. After all, I was an expert in my particular area of expertise with personal training - but I was clueless about marketing. My colleagues also suffered. However, with a strange twist of fate, after what I thought was a career ending permanent back injury, where I’d have to go back to the ‘muggle world’ and go and get a ‘normal job’ - my life changed. I was physically injured with my back and unable to do any work at all in the short-term, but I was mentally injured with frustration with how hard I and all of my colleagues found it to get more clients. Marketing couldn’t be that hard surely? So, rather than feeling sorry for myself whilst I regained my strength to get my back in a position where I could start to lead a relatively normal life - I threw myself into marketing. And wow, what a fucking minefield! No wonder I found it so hard to find a way to make things work, there was just too much out there, too much advice, too many skills that I thought were needed. It was there and then that I decided I would dedicate the rest of my life to developing a simple to follow marketing formula specific to the health, fitness and wellness industry. And that’s exactly what I’ve done! What I’ve developed and fine-tuned, is a fool-proof, easy to follow, step-by-step proven formula designed to get more clients quickly. This marketing formula is specifically designed for those who’s business is: • Personal training • Yoga • Pilates • Group exercise classes • Zumba • Nutrition • Physical therapy Basically, if your expertise is helping others look, feel or move better, then the Fully Booked Formula is your one way ticket to getting more clients. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you escape the stress and worry of finding new clients in an overwhelming marketing world, then you must pop along to one of our free workshops where we’ll give you what you need to start getting more clients right away! You can book on to a workshop by going to