Geek Ink Tattoo

FAQ HOW MUCH IS A TATTOO? Shop minimum is $60 and hourly it varies by artist at $120-$150 an hour The cost of the tattoo is based on size, location, and detail, as well as the time it will take to complete. CAN YOU GIVE ME A PRICE QUOTE? To give you a solid quote we need clients to come into the shop. If you're wanting an approximate quote over FB we need the following-A clear picture and description of what you're wanting, the dimensions that you are wanting (2x2,3x3 etc), what part of the body it will be going on. Large scale work (sleeves, portraits, etc) we cannot usually come close to giving a decent estimate of work. DO YOU TAKE WALK-INS? Yes but we do not always have availability for them. If you want a walk-in, the best way is to call the shop at 918-928-4335 and ask if we have any availability. HOW DO I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT? You must either stop by in person and put down a $60 cash deposit which goes towards the final price of your tattoo, or, if you live outside of Tulsa you can Paypal a deposit to us as well. We only accept cash or paypal for deposits but we accept most major credit cards for the final cost of the tattoo.