GCA Life & Takaful

GCA Life and Takaful Team is a fast grow insurance agency that focuses on building the next generation of Life Planners and Agency Managers. Our corporate agency is an authorised representative agency of AIA Bhd and AIA Public Takaful Bhd. Gratitude Corporate Agency was founded back in 2010 based on our strong belief in providing the best financial and business solutions to our clients at all times. With excellent service and integrity in our business dealings, we believe our clients will appreciate our hard work in ensuring that their family is well protected, that their personal wealth is well managed and future is secured. Our mission is to glorify god in providing the best life insurance services to our clients with their best interest in mind. Substantially, Gratitude Corporate Agency operates based on a well-synchronized corporate structure. This is to ensure that all our business and insurance dealings are handled with maximum care and accuracy, eliminating human error to the lowest possible level. We are driven yet strive to improve and broaden our products and services daily to cater to the greater needs of our business clients. Notably, we believe business is done through trust and trust can only be cultivated through excellent service surpassing our client's expectations. Our corporate agency is a business orientated financial and insurance solution provider. Primarily, by providing the best business solutions is to our clients with our wide array of business ideas is our main precedence. On the whole, Gratitude Corporate Agency has one of the largest and most energetic Financial Planners in the industry. There are five major divisions that where we run most of our business in forthwith; such as: 1. Business Risk Management Division 2. Life Insurance and Family Financial Planning Division. 3. Mortgage and Business Loan Division 4. Group and General Insurance Division 5. Retirement Planning Division. 6. Will and Trust Planning Avidly, we are determined and truly dedicated to help those vibrant young people who has a dream to achieve. We are 150% dedicated to help you achieve your dreams if you are 100% dedicated too. If you think you can be a millionaire before you are 30 years old and needed a direction to achieve that. At GCA, we are the leading-edge Financial Planners! At GCA, we are 100% into Financial Planning through Corporate Management. We are here to provide and serve you exceptionally.