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GABY Kowalski

I WANTED TO SHOW THEM THAT IT WAS WORTH IT... that the time they spent in the refugee camp, starving just to feed us, was all worth it. Years ago I drove to a sales appointment while listening to a Tony Robins CD program.. he was sharing how people would approach him saying: "Thank you .. you changed my life " In that moment something ignited my soul .. my eyes welled up with tears and I thought .. I want to do that !! I want to make a profound difference in people's lives! I want to create a life of freedom doing what I love! I want to live a life of financial abundance! In my heart, what I really wanted, was to make my parents proud. Because they had risked everything immigrating from Poland when I was 5 years old, to provide my brother and I a better life... I wanted to show them that it was worth it.. that the time they spent in the refugee camp, starving just to feed us, was all worth it, and it was worth it because I did something of value in the world… because I made the world a better place. And then I looked down at Tony’s CD program box sitting on the passenger seat and thought… Who am I to make a difference, I am not Tony Robbins, I don’t have his results… I am just me… An immigrant… I have no status… Who would listen to me? Yet, I so badly wanted to make a difference, and leave my mark on the world. I looked up to the blue sky as I drove along and I suddenly remembered… that Tony Robbins used to be overweight, broke and living in a shoe box apartment when he decided he would change his life… I remembered that my purpose for wanting to make a difference was to help people change and grow into the version of themselves that lived their dreams…. And in order to be able to do that well… I needed to go through that journey myself! So I made a decision ... I decided I would create massive success and then show others how to do it!! I committed to doing the work, to grow, to learn, to master mindset and business .. I became a Kinesiologist, a Master Coach, a Human Behavior Expert and did sooooo many personal development programs, had so many coaches, mentors and healers ..that I've truly lost count. I studied Sales, Marketing, Business, Leadership, Wealth and Mindset. I became No.1 in my industry & achieved amazing results. I launched my Mastermind Coaching Business.. And I learned that our potential is limitless when we have a burning desire for something.. At the same time as I decided to launch my Mastermind Coaching Seminars, I ended a marriage and was left with over $60k in Credit Card debt from my ex-husbands hidden gambling addiction. But I didn’t care, I was not going to let anything stop me from going after my dream. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I refocused all my energy on my new Mastermind Coaching Business and I worked my ass off to make it happen. And because I became the frequency of my dream, both with mindset and skill.. I achieved my dream. I'm living my souls purpose .. I'm living a life of freedom doing what I love ... I'm living a life of financial abundance … & I've been living my souls purpose for 4 years now. I now sit here writing this, reflecting back on the recent First Class Mastermind 3 day Immersion I ran… and I am feeling so much love and gratitude that I feel like my heart will explode .. (in a good way 😉) Because .. at the last event my clients showered me with gifts and cards and words of deep gratitude.. Telling me .. "Thank you .. you have changed my life" ❤️ And I remember ... Like it was yesterday… That moment in my car all those years ago .. When tears welled up .. When I decided to do whatever it took to make a difference on this planet and create a life of massive fulfilment! Now ... Years later .. My First Class Mastermind tribe is beyond amazing.. Filled with beautiful souls that are committed to their purpose .. vision.. and expansion.. My parents are super proud of me, and I feel so blessed that I can support them financially in their now later years, that I can give back to them… Because the gift they gave me… The opportunity they worked so hard to create… Didn’t go to waste. If you are still on your journey to actualizing your business vision and truly living your souls purpose on a deep level.. Keep going .. Tune into your vision everyday.. Keep growing.. Keep doing the work.. Master your Mindset and Business! BEcome the version of yourself that calls in that reality.. It's right there .. It's already yours.. Match its frequency.. And before you know it .. You will be living it! You truly can BE > DO & HAVE it all Gaby ❤️