Gabe Larsen

What do you get when you cross a numbers-driven financial services guru with a superstar in enterprise software-whose mission is using science to increase a company's sales? You get Gabe Larsen-evangelist of the Provo-based, aspiring unicorn; vice president of InsideSales Labs; host of the company's popular Playmaker podcast; and president of the Utah Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AAISP). To put it simply, Gabe knows how to sell. Yet he isn't your typical sales rep. True, he has partnered to sell a $10 million deal, and yes, he has helped train other sales reps to replicate his success. But what makes Gabe stand out is his experience outside of the software industry, combined with his unorthodox approach to using science to help companies achieve sales numbers they never thought possible. Gabe's path to success started in 2005, when he spent two years putting into practice what the company preaches while managing's four-person sales team. Gabe closed the company's first six-figure deal-and chronicled a program that was key to his future success and whose principles will be detailed in his upcoming book. Accenture in San Francisco was Gabe's next stop, where he worked as a business analyst on the CalPERS project, the nation's largest public pension fund with assets totaling $214 billion. At Accenture, Gabe found his passion for process diagrams-mapping out hundreds of user experience processes. Next, he worked for Goldman Sachs for two years as an equity derivative specialist. Gabe oversaw derivative activity on the London and Hong Kong exchanges for 75 U.S hedge funds, managing $750 million to $30 billion under assets. Realizing his passion and skill in the science of sales, Gabe left Goldman Sachs in 2009 to work as an enterprise salesman and strategy consultant for research-based, global performance-management company Gallup, Inc. Gabe worked for four years in Gallup's offices around the world-making stops in Omaha, Nebraska; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (where he opened the office for Gallup); and Dubai, United Arab Emirates before returning to the U.S. The four years of jet-setting for Gallup resulted in Gabe honing his sales skills and managing others as he partnered to sell and deliver deals of $500,000, $1 million, $2 million and $10 million, working with companies such as TD Ameritrade, Cerner, Toyota, Honda, and Ikea. In 2013, Gabe brought all his outside experience back to, offering the company what he'd learned over the previous ten years in growing revenue, helping financial clients price and trade complex derivatives, and aiding multi-national organizations in penetrating new markets. In the four-and-a-half years since rejoining, Gabe has managed more than 30 associates and has helped more than 200 clients solve their biggest problems in sales-helping, in turn, achieve double digit growth. In his first year back, Gabe and his team helped develop a consultative sales approach that utilized a benchmarking and assessment formula called a "Sales Blueprint." Using this strategy, Gabe's team helped the company close $300,000 in sales his first year and $1.2 million his second year. His blueprint strategy is now used across the entire organization as the preferred consultative sales model. To continue his consultative approach to selling, Gabe created the Playmaker podcast, whose primary purpose is to target potential buyers and help build pipeline. Playmaker now has nearly 150 episodes, averages 15,000 listeners each month, and has generated millions of dollars in pipeline for In addition to the podcast, each month Gabe produces 1-2 research studies-which, in under six months, have driven attributed revenue of more than $1 million. Gabe's latest venture is InsideSales Labs, or "Netflix for sales people," as he calls it. "Labs" is a self-service learning portal for sales reps and managers to learn the latest trends and best practices in sales. The portal launched in late 2017 with an initial pilot producing micro purchases of more than $15,000-a strong enough number that InsideSales Labs looks to be a major part of's strategy going forward. Gabe has never been a typical sales rep and the numbers and achievements show it. If Gabe is not closing a deal, overseeing partners, supporting other sales reps, producing content to build the pipeline, or pioneering new sales approaches and ecommerce opportunities for, you'll find him filming his growing YouTube show of sales-related videos called "TheG Show." His boss sums up Gabe like this: "The dude is a freakin' machine."