FWRD Rewarding Databases

Are you looking to get organised, save time, sell more and better serve your customers? Bingo! You've come to the right place. FWRD Rewarding Databases is a boutique CRM Consultancy which specialises in supporting small businesses with the set-up and use of Zoho CRM. Essentially we help our clients to build streamlined, scaleable and saleable businesses through the implementation of a cloud-based CRM software called Zoho. We provide our clients with an easy-to-use, customised software solution which significantly improves their sales, marketing and administration processes. FWRD has designed several packages specifically for the small business community that are comprehensive and powerful whilst still being flexible and affordable. TARGET MARKET – Small businesses and start-ups. Ideally under 10 members of staff. SECTORS – We’ve worked with small businesses in a huge variety of industries across the B2B & B2C sectors. Zoho CRM can be customised to reflect and support your business no matter what your industry. LOCATION – FWRD is based in Perth (Australia) but we can easily work with customers anywhere in the world as the service is cloud-based and we operate completely remotely. DATABASE – Our target market falls into one of 3 camps when it comes to their database; a) they don’t have one yet b) have one but not profiting from it c) profiting from it but want to grow their business and increase their earning potential. EXISTING SOFTWARE – Typically our clients are also using a number of other cloud based software apps and require a CRM system that integrates seamlessly with them all. We support users of Google Apps, Xero, MYOB and Mailchimp to name a few. DAILY ISSUES – Our clients are typically facing several or all of the followings issues in running their business; lack of time٠ lack of sales ٠managing leads & prospects ٠ managing and analysing client database ٠ sharing company data ٠ lack of organisation ٠ The service FWRD offers is designed to address all of these issues and radically change the way you do business going forward. Hop over to the videos tab to learn more and use the messenger button on our page to get in touch.