Furniture Intervention

Welcome to Furniture Intervention!We've set out to make furniture painting and rehab easier on you through our exclusive videos and training. We're also here to help you flip furniture for profit - answering your business questions and helping you standout from the competition! I started my furniture journey over 7 years ago. I researched and experimented for months before I even picked up a paint brush. Some might call it analysis paralysis. I called it “getting to know my craft”. I perfected the art of painting, and I was pretty good at it! I created many masterpieces in my garage, and loved them all, Whether you are just starting out, or been at it for years, we want to teach you everything we know, everything we learned, , every bad painting decision and idiotic whim, and bringing you the answers. And we are still learning - still coming up with new finishes that we can't wait to teach you! We'll bring you. Money-saving tips and time-saving tricks to help YOU be more profitable and energized.