Fruts Express

Frutsexpress was founded with a determined spirit and a lofty objective: "To champion healthier individual lifestyles, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Growing up, it was common to be surrounded by the sound of cheerful kids and days in the trees. Ffene jambula or gauva, all these tasty treats made us grow into people of steel. As we grew the gardens disappeared, and constant news about diseases we never knew became a common theme. Unexplainable headaches and doctors appointments. Shocking weight gain and unattainable dietary goals. What could hav possibly gone wrong? It turns out there was a simple explanation. With the number of fast food restaurants springing up everywhere, traditional gardens disappearing and people having almost no time and access to a wide range of nutritious fruits and vegetables, healthy salad blends and natural juices. The trend had only one predictable end. Something had to happen, and fast! Nature was always the solution. We believe that having access to healthy organic food, fruits and vegetables to suppliment our daily meals should be as easy, tasty and affordable as it used to be in Grandma's backyard. We also believe. We started Frutsexpress to create this alternative. By circumventing traditional channels, dealing with organic producers and engaging directly with customers to understand their needs, we’re able to provide highly nutritious, tastier and convinient blends at a fraction of the going price. We believe that any meal should leave you happy and good-looking, and with money in your pocket ofcoarse. We also believe that everyone has the right to enjoy good health. Almost 2 million Ugandan children alone are mulnurished and lack access to food. To help address this problem, Frutsexpress partners with non-profits organisations to ensure that for every order made, a meal is given to someone in need. There’s nothing complicated about it. Nutritious food, healthy life.