Freedom Boss Marketing

I travelled most of me early twenties. I LOVED it. True free spirit at heart! In order to do this, I based most of my work experience up in the OilSands of Northern Canada. This afforded me the ability to travel on my own terms. The routine was: work, save, travel. And I had soon visited 24 countries before the age of 25! HOWEVER, I had boxed myself in. I had tried the school thing and even though I was good at it, it just wasn't my thing. Investing in 8 years of education to be in the same job for 30 years just seemed so disheartening. Not only that, now all my work experience was in the OilSands. And this SO didn't align with my psyche. It was LONG hours, shift work, night shifts, hard on the body, unhealthy, mentally monotonous, and just not good for the spirit. I was tired of always having to come back to a job to fund what I wanted to do. When I plugged into the new digital economy everything changed. I was able to experience was automation felt like, and let me tell you its the coolest feeling ever! I started this when I was working 12 - 14 hour shifts with ZERO access to any wifi or technology! I would've never been able to do that with any regular business venture! Location freedom. Time freedom. Financial freedom. And being on purpose. This is what I want for EVERYBODY. Never before has it been so possible for the average joe to make a change for themselves and tap into the digital economy no matter what your level of experience. THIS is what I want to help people do. I LOVE being of service to others. I LOVE to help. I want people to understand that ANYTHING is possible. That YOU have support!! If this resonates with you, let's connect XO