Profoam Corporation

Profoam is owned and operated by Ted Medford. Ted has been involved in the spray foam industry for over twenty years. During that time, he has owned and operated a very successful spray foam contracting company, owned and operated an equally successful spray foam and equipment distribution company and has also worked as an executive for a major spray foam manufacturing company for four years. Ted and the entire Profoam staff bring a rare and unique level of service, expertise and marketing resources to spray foam contractors. As a former home builder and spray foam contractor we understand your business, your challenges and your needs better than any other supplier. Having built nearly 500 equipment rigs in our history, and helped literally hundreds of entrepreneurs build successful SPF businesses, there is no better partner to help your foam and coatings business succeed. After graduating high school in Madison, GA. in 1987, and while attending the University of Georgia, Ted and his father Larry started their insulation business, called Medford’s Insulation. Ted enrolled in early morning classes at UGA in order to be back in time for work in the afternoon and evening. Back then, fiberglass was near 100% of the insulation market so its no surprise they were primarily installing fiberglass batts and blowing it into attics. After several years in the fiberglass insulation market, they decided to invest in equipment to spray cellulose insulation. Ted and his father were quickly convinced that cellulose was a far superior insulating material to fiberglass and subsequently grew a very successful business installing this product all over the North Georgia area. In the mid 90’s they started hearing more and more about a sprayed in foam insulation that was being touted as the best insulation on the market. In 1997, after months of research, and traveling to witness installations of spray foam, they decided to invest in equipment to apply spray foam insulation. From that point, they spent the next several years expanding their business throughout the southeast USA with their new product line that was scarcely available to the general public. In fact, for years, they had very few competitors in the entire southeast. That’s when they began developing a plan to expand the business even further by selling dealerships that would ultimately copy and utilize the very same successful business model they had developed. This new business became pre-eminent brand in the US and throughout its existence lead literally hundreds of new business partners and entrepreneurs to owning and operating their own very successful insulation business. The franchise-like model included everything from innovative sprayfoam insulation rigs, to extensive training on equipment, application, marketing, sales and new business development. From the early 2000’s throughout the next decade, the company was responsible for hundreds of new successful spray foam insulation business start-ups. They built rigs of every size, shape and configuration imaginable. They developed cutting edge marketing materials, detailed training tools and courses, and systems that would make owning and operating a spray foam insulation business as easy as possible. The company grew into the millions of dollars and was ultimately acquired by a large spray foam and coatings supplier. Now after decades of real life experience with sprayfoam equipment, application, sales, marketing and business ownership and operation, Ted has combined some of the industry’s highest performing materials, most renowned application equipment and leading contractor marketing programs into the spray foam industry’s most progressive new supplier – Profoam. “My customers can be assured that they will be given the proper tools, equipment and knowledge to enter, or expand in the the spray foam insulation industry. My commitment to being the best equipment provider and spray foam supplier has never been stronger. I look forward to building strong equipment, strong relationships and strong companies that will bring more integrity to our industry.” Very truly yours, Ted Medford