Research shows that children need to be actively engaged in 12 different areas for holistic development. According to Massachusetts Early Education for All, “85% of who you are – your intellect, your personality, your social skills – is developed before you turn 7.” The awareness about the early years, which is the most important phase of human development is however very limited in India. The entire early learning happens through preschools -- which is largely unstructured and available only in limited cities and towns -- and at home. At home, in this fast paced life with nuclear families, parents don’t have the time to ensure that their children are engaged effectively. To solve this challenge for parents, we created Flintobox 4 years ago, to positively engage children with educational activity boxes. Every box is designed with activities that enable the child to create, play, explore and read while catering to more than 12 critical developmental areas. With Flintobox, we were able to revolutionise the way children across India were engaging at home. And today, we're revolutionising the early education industry with FlintoClass. FlintoClass is a breakthrough preschool system that enables entrepreneurs with every aspect of running a successful preschool -- from setting up and operations to marketing. FlintoClass ships everything you need to run a successful preschool to your doorstep -- right from international award-winning curriculum, lesson plans, and materials for everyday engagement, assessment materials, teacher training resources, parent communication app to track progress, and other operational support. It's literally a 'Preschool In A Box'. This way, anyone who wants to start a preschool, or already owns a preschool, only has to implement the FlintoClass system and focus on scaling their business. Everything else is taken care of! Which means, with more edupreneurs running effective preschools, we are able to reach more children across the country with rich and holistic early child development programs.