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Thank you for liking the Fitzpatrick Family Fitness Page! My wife and I have both had a roller coaster fight with our weight. Twice now she has gained over 50 pounds and has managed to shed it swiftly and efficiently...did I say she was pregnant for those instances yet? OK, so she had good reason to gain the weight as seen by our two beautiful children. Unfortunately I did not have the same excuses. Throughout my entire life I was a very active person in both team and individual sports. I have played college basketball, competitive fastball, hockey and beach volleyball, and some very serious co-ed dodgeball... After a traumatic ACL injury and reconstruction from basketball, and two fractured vertebrae in my lower back from hockey, I am left with severe osteo-arthritis in my knee (awaiting a total knee replacement) and further arthritis in my back and hand. As a former athlete, the realization that I would never be able to run again hit me like a freight train. About the same time as the remaining cartilage in my knee deteriorated, so did a wonderful business that my brother and I had put our heart and soul into. My lack of exercise and healthy eating along with a toxic work environment catapulted me into two of the most dangerous scenarios a 5”10” 200lb 45 year old male can go; hypertension (extreme high blood pressure - 155/92) and dangerously high cholesterol. Meanwhile, after both C-sections, my wife would eagerly await her six week checkup in order to get the OB's go ahead to resume exercising. The first thing she would do is fire up her P90X and start sweating off the pounds. I would watch in awe at her determination while I slowly sank into more of a state of depression over my inability to perform the most basic of cardio moves. When you are not exercising, your mind seems to try and justify your horrible eating patterns. I was a master at this. Fast forward to 2015 and my little boys first birthday party. My brother began talking about P90X, Shakeology and T25 and how it had helped him to lose 40 pounds. I began my ritual excuse laden speech about how he just didn't understand the pain I endured during exercise when he brought up the 21 day fix and how it had many low impact components to it. After ordering a challenge pack, my eyes literally glossed over when I made the effort and finished my first program pain free. It was almost like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders as I was forced to break the cycle of excuses and stubbornness. Within a week I had even tried the lower body component, which resulted in me running up the stairs to tell my wife that I could do it. By the third week I had lost a total of 15 pounds and felt 15 years younger. I currently am sitting at a healthy 177lbs and am the proud owner of a 118/72 blood pressure reading. My wife has lost an amazing 58lbs and looks even better than she did prior to having kids. We are sleeping better, have more energy, and are generally happier people to be around. We have decided to become Beachbody coaches after seeing the amazing results within ourselves, as well as other family members and friends. We just feel like there has to be a way to help others to feel the same way we do from both a physical as well as emotional level. We have both been where you are, and know that with our help, we can guide you through the tough times until you are ready for your breakthrough moment. The toughest part is saying “yes” I am ready to start. Please message us and let's get going to a healthier and happier you!