Fit Family Nutrition

Hey, it's your Fit Family Nutrition Club team, Blair, Brook & Karl. We're opening our nutrition club in Longmont, CO while we support 50+ locations nation wide. Over the last decade, we've helped 1000's of people become healthier & happier with our simple, easy-to-follow meal plans and programs. Proper nutrition (healthy food) is the gateway to everything in life, because nutrition is fuel for the body, mind, & spirit. When you FEEL GOOD, life tends to be good. Here's a little more about us... MEET BROOK & KARL Hey, it's us, Brook & Karl. We're SO excited to be here with you. After 20+ years in health and nutrition, we've learned a few excited things that we'll be sharing with you at Fit Family Nutrition. But before we were coaches... Hello I'm Brook... before I was a Wellness Coach I was a grad student trying to make ends meet as an athletic trainer taking care of a collegiate football team! After countless all night bus trips riding with stinky boys, I decided I needed a change! My friend introduced me to the Lean & Fit Shake Program and I ended up losing 41 pounds of fat! It was amazing. I've since had 1 kid and pregnant with my second. I've been able to build my dream lifestyle and create the family I've always wanted. Hey this is Karl... before I was a Wellness Coach I was an ex-collegiate hockey player destined to become an aeronautical engineer for NASA. But a few weeks after graduating undergrad, I started taking the Lean & Fit Shake Program and melted away 17 pounds of fat and put on 10 pounds of muscle. The rest is history! I was so inspired and wanted to help others, I decided to change professions and become a Wellness Coach! That was 8 years ago and since, I've been able to help A LOT of people and meet my wife Brook in the profession :) MEET BLAIR I've been an athlete my whole life. I would always workout, but never knew what to eat. Have you been there? After graduating from college I found myself tired and packing on the pounds. I knew it was time for a change. I discovered that getting in shape was 80% nutrition and 20% fitness! Once I found the right meal plan, I quickly went from a size 12 to a size 4 and had more energy than ever! I am excited to help YOU with your health and fitness goals! It's never too late to start looking and feeling your best!