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Welcome to the FIT CHICKS Academy! Get certified at FIT CHICKS Academy, the #1 Online Certification Programs in Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness & Business for Women looking to create a life, health and career they love! For our upcoming online certification programs, please visit FIT CHICKS Academy is for women who are: 1. Looking to grow their knowledge in fitness, nutrition and wellness to be a healthier, fiercer version of you (newbies welcome!) 2. Fitness, nutrition or wellness professionals wanting to build their knowledge base and open up to different areas of health 3. Want to grow your knowledge to inspire others and be apart of building a healthier families and communities around the world! This is our place to connect, share resources, inspire each other and ask questions that are helpful and related to fitness, nutrition, wellness & business. Our Core Values: Chick Power, Keep your words and actions positive, Support the Healthy Sisterhood, Knowledge is power, Health starts from the inside out Our Intent: Build a FIERCE community of health minded chicks and in turn build healthier communities around the world Open up discussion on health Peer sharing and mutual inspiration for fitness, nutrition, wellness & business Please DO NOT sell or self-promote (this includes linking to your website, list-building activities, soliciting for paid products or services, events, etc.). This is a place of learning. If you have something you would like to share with the group and are unsure if it is considering selling, please email Amanda at The page is actively moderated and promotional posts may be deleted without warning and repeat posters will be banned. Thanks for helping us keep this group a valuable awesome learning resources for the entire #fitchicksacademy community! Let's build healthier communities EVERYWHERE!. @fitchicks #chickpower FIT CHICKS Academy Customer Service Hours Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm